Providing the best possible Moving Experience with SkyCap

We are one of the most reliable and trusted packing and moving companies in Pakistan and offer our services when you are tired of packing the goods – So, sit relax and let SkyCap do the rest!
We are the most trained professionals that will take care of the art and pack your goods in the most perfect manner. The little idea provided by our team will help you to move easily to your new destination.
Some of the options of Packing and Moving that we are taking care of till the time you enjoy your cup of TEA!

Full Packing

The expert team of SkyCap Movers will pack all your stuff carefully and label them accordingly.  We pack it the way you love it and we’ve got everything covered.

Kitchen Packing

Our team will pack all the kitchen items including the breakables in our special design boxes. Kitchen Packing is the most demandable service in the offering.

Single Item Packing

Our team is always ready to work according to your wish and will pack the stuff according to your instructions. Just provide us the information about the stuff and we will arrange our specially designed boxes to make sure that the items are secured.

Furniture Packing

Why are you worried when Skycap Movers is here! You do not need to pick your finger. Our expert team members will pack all your furniture in a professional manner and according to the right box to keep the furniture safe.

Fragile Packing

Skycap experts are trained to pack fragile items like paintings, fine art, decorating stuff and antiques. We make sure that all the fragile items are in well-trained hands safe and secure.

We are pleased to share our position in the industry and it’s all due to the reasons mentioned below:

  • Providing the best services
  • Packing and Moving the goods as promised
  • Prompt delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • 24 x 7 x 365 services – On Call
  • Worldwide network
  • Using modern techniques
  • Employees working hard to make you (CLIENT) Happy
  • Personal Touch

If you are planning ahead and are looking for an hourly rate – SkyCap will provide you the best quotes in the market as our team is ready 24x7x365 to tackle the most difficult part of moving.