Moving Insurance for your Goods

SkyCap Movers has been reshaping the business dimensions by providing insurance services to their clients apart from the packing and moving services in Pakistan. The insurance cover provided by the company is for any unexpected event like an accident, natural calamities, theft, and fire or in some cases unanticipated possibility. The insurance service is covered with the schemes offered by the reputed insurance companies in Pakistan and you can choose the best scheme for your package.

The team will take care of the documentation process which is required by the insurance companies and will provide them all the relevant details including weight, value, and risks of any such kind which might occur during transportation of the aforesaid goods.

Hassle Free Service

SkyCap Movers has been providing quality service since last many years and have a reputation in the industry. The company has many connections with the reputed insurance companies which are provided all the transit insurance services on all the moving services which are entertained by SkyCap Movers for their customers in Pakistan. The main goal of SkyCap Movers is to make sure that no breakage or damage is done to the goods during transportation. Fragile equipment is taken care and is kept in our specially designed boxes.

Affordable and Service – Guaranteed

The insurance services which are provided not only cover the loss (if any) but also help you to gain the loss. The claim can be taken within two days of the delivery. After two days, no claim shall be accepted against loss or damage of any good.

SkyCap Movers is providing insurance services on relocation services, car transportation, transportation of goods, etc. Our insurance services make sure that the goods are safekeeping our customer frees from the hassle and hesitation of shifting.